We have different levels of pricing based on the experience of the stylists, which we categorize as Stylist(s), Style director(sd), Senior style director(ssd)

Cut and blow dry


Stylist 1200 CZK
Style Director 1300 CZK
Senior Style director 1400 CZK

Mens cut

Stylist 700 CZK
Style Director 800 CZK
Senior Style Director 900 CZK


Tint re-growth. 850 CZK
Full head color 1050 CZK
Fashion color 1600-2500 CZK
Natural glossing toner 300 CZK
Elumen 1000 CZK



Full Head 2500 CZK
Half Head 1900 CZK
T-section 1500 CZK

Treatments for hair

Mask 400 CZK
Creative Balayage 2500-4000 CZK
Blow dry 500-900 CZK
Artistic Styling 900-2000 CZK
Pearm (after consultation) 650 CZK

Bond Plus Hair Extensions
after consultation

*Chemical treatment prices do not include blown and the final styling.